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Commercial Light Box Signs

Commercial light box signs refer to retail signage for large establishments. These can include stores (retail, apparel, convenience, or any other), cafes and restaurants, cinemas and theaters, concert halls, art galleries and museums, arenas, casinos, shopping malls, stadiums, and transportation centers like airports, railway stations, and subways. They display promotions, products, or branding to the viewers. Commercial light box signs are meant to be viewed at close range. Therefore, they are installed in areas frequented by pedestrians. The graphics and fonts used are chosen to maximize visibility and grab the attention of people walking by.

Characteristics of Commercial Light Box Signs

Commercial light box signs come in different shapes and sizes. They are not that different from standard retail signs used in small stores or outlets. Here are the key highlights of commercial light box signs that owners or managers can consider when ordering signage for their stores.

Swappable Graphics

A significant highlight of commercial light box signs is their reusability. The backlit film, face panel, or sheet used for displaying images or graphics is replaceable. It can be removed easily, and a new panel or sheet featuring a different design can be installed in its place. Commercial light box signs with swappable graphics are great for establishments that frequently need to replace the design, image, or message. These include retail outlets (like apparel stores) and restaurants (like KFC or McDonald’s) that have to change their promotional message every month or season. They don’t have to order new light boxes and can reuse the existing ones. It not only reduces their expenses but is environmentally viable as well. Commercial light box signs that allow easy replacement of graphics without the use of tools are more convenient and time-saving. Smaller stores may not require light boxes that support swappable graphics, but large outlets generally do.


Commercial light box signs are well-illuminated as compared to their cheaper counterparts. The LEDs used inside them have diamondback optic lenses for dispersing the light for uniform illumination. Otherwise, the light from LEDs travels in a tight path and does not disperse as much. It creates hotspots on the graphics panel, impacting the aesthetics of the light box sign.

Also, large commercial light box signs should use an adequate number of LEDs for ensuring uniform illumination. The distance between consecutive modules must be optimal and not too large. Otherwise, it may cause shadows and banding on the sign, especially in the center. Smaller signs will work well with LEDs located along the edges and don’t need LEDs spanning across their entire length. Another thing to consider is the color temperature of the LEDs. Their light should be as white as possible with a slight tinge of blue. LEDs that emit wavelength closer to pure white (around 7000K) should be preferred.

Long-lasting, Energy Efficient

One of the primary considerations for commercial light box signs is their electricity consumption. Places such as malls, cinemas and theaters, retail stores, and restaurants may easily have fifty to a hundred commercial light box signs installed at a time. While the power draw for individual signs using LEDs is minimal, it exponentially increases, considering the large number of signs installed in such establishments. Therefore, the signs must feature highly energy-efficient LEDs to minimize electricity consumption. Also, the LEDs should have a long lifespan. High-quality LEDs can last anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 hours. It is more economical to go for long-lasting LEDs in the long run. Consider a manufacturer that provides at least a 3-year warranty on the LEDs and power supply. You can get them replaced under warranty even if they malfunction.

Better Heat Management

Commercial light box signs emphasize heat management. While LEDs run cool, they still generate heat that multiplies when fifty or a hundred of them are used together. Heat shortens the lifespan of LED circuitry and other power components. It also heats the sign, making it hot to the touch. Therefore, commercial light box signs make use of thicker extrusions for dissipating heat generated by LEDs. It increases the life of LEDs and mitigates injuries like burns caused by hot signs. When ordering commercial light box signs, ask the manufacturer about the heat dissipation capability of the frames. The sign should be comfortable to the touch and run cool. Some companies provide specifications sheets or heat dissipation data on their commercial light box signs. Consult the same before committing to a purchase.

More Customization Options

Manufacturers of commercial light box signs provide more customization options to their buyers. Many organizations need signs in non-standard sizes for their stores. Regular sizes may not fit into the space available, or they may want a large sign that covers an entire wall. They may also specify their wire management requirements as well as custom mounting specifications. Vendors of commercial light box signs accommodate such requests more readily. They customize signs for each customer based on their special requirements. The materials used for frame or panels, the configuration of LEDs or power components, and the graphics panels can be altered based on the client’s inputs or priorities.

Produced in Bulk

Many vendors of commercial light box signs generally take orders in bulk. Large-scale establishments and retail chains may require a few dozen copies of each light box. They may have to install the same sign at each of their stores or outlets. A single order may consist of a few hundred signs, depending on the retail chain’s size. Manufacturers of commercial light box signs offer bulk discounts to their clientele. Their manufacturing costs decrease as the number of copies they have to produce increases. It allows them to offer better quotes to the buyer. Some vendors may not take orders for small quantities of commercial light box signs or charge a significant amount for them.

Warranty and Maintenance

Commercial light box signs are covered by comprehensive warranties from their manufacturers. Most vendors provide a 3-year warranty on the signs, with a few of them extending the same to 5-years. They deliver the signs to the location and install them as well. Some of them also provide maintenance services, along with manufacturing and delivery. The vendor may undertake any repairs or maintenance required by commercial light box signs for the contract period.

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