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DIY Light Box Sign Kit

DIY light box sign kits are popular among small businesses, stores, and outlets. They allow these establishments to create a customized, high-quality sign for their business. It also lowers their expenditure on the signage as compared to a ready-made sign.

What is a DIY Light Box Sign Kit?

A DIY light box sign kit is a hardware set for making custom signs. It comes with most items that are required to create a sign, although the number of components included may differ. While you can create a sign from zero, it will require a lot of time and effort. DIY light box sign kits come with the essential components but still allow you to customize the sign. Buyers may still have to purchase additional items separately.

What Components are Included in DIY Light Box Sign Kits?

DIY light box sign kits generally include a frame and other basic components like retainers and corner keys. Some of them may also come with LED lights, ballast or driver, and wiring pre-installed. All you have to do is assemble the frame, buy acrylic or plexiglass panels, print, paste, or emboss your design on them, and install them on the frame. Your DIY light box sign will be ready. A few vendors pre-print your design on a panel and add it to the kit before shipping.

DIY Light Box Sign Kit with Frame

An only frame DIY light box sign kit comes with all components required for creating a basic frame or box for the sign. These items generally include the frame system, corner keys, and retainers. They will create the basic structure of the DIY light box sign kit. You will need to purchase the front panel (acrylic or glass), back panel, LED lights, and a ballast separately for finishing the sign.

DIY Light Box Sign Kit with Frame and LED lights

Some kits include LED lighting components in addition to the basic structural components of the sign. You get LEDs (which are generally pre-wired) and a ballast. The sign and back panels may still need to be purchased separately as well as any other components that you may require. The kits are available in single-sided and double-sided variants.

Who can use a DIY Light Box Sign Kit?

A DIY light box sign kit is intended for small outlets or neighborhood stores. Here are a few reasons to consider DIY light box sign kits.

Creating Customized Signs

If you want to create a custom sign, then consider a DIY light box sign kit over a ready-made one. These kits offer more customization freedom as compared to buying a sign from a retailer. You can choose individual components according to your preferences. The LEDs can be from one brand, the power supply from another, and the frame can be manufactured by a different vendor. You can get customized graphics on a panel of your choice. The same freedom may not be available when buying signs from vendors. They use specific components from a particular manufacturer as they get bulk discounts for buying them in large quantities. Also, the number of options available may be limited in comparison.

Need Affordable Signage

A DIY light box sign kit is generally cheaper than getting a sign made from a vendor, especially when ordering one or a few signs. Most retail sign vendors only provide a discount on bulk orders and may charge a higher markup for one or two signs. A few of them may not accept orders for a small number of retail signs altogether. DIY light box sign kits are cheaper because they are generally shipped unassembled. Their manufacturers are able to save expenditure on labor. They only charge a markup on product manufacturing and not on signage services, which further reduces the cost. Sellers also produce these kits in bulk quantities to reduce manufacturing expenses and lower their prices. Therefore, small stores or establishments just starting out their business may find a DIY light box sign kit affordable.

Limitations of DIY Light Box Sign Kit

There are a few limitations of DIY light box sign kits in addition to the advantages they possess. While the disadvantages do not significantly affect the value of these kits, their buyers must still be aware of them.

Require Knowledge and Effort

You will have to spend some time and effort to create a DIY light box sign. Owners of small establishments may be able to spare some time for the same. However, large outlets that have their hands full may find ready-made signs to be the better option. If you are going to install LEDs, the power supply, and wires yourself, you will need a basic understanding of electrical circuitry. A manual explaining the same may be included in the DIY light box sign kit. Alternatively, you can find tutorials and guides regarding the same online.

Graphics Design

While vendors who provide retail signage may design graphics for their clientele, the same facility may not be provided by all DIY light box sign kit sellers. You will have to design your graphics yourself or hire a designer separately. Most sellers of DIY kits do offer printing services, provided you give them a high-resolution image of the graphics or design. But they rarely design the branding, logo, or graphics for the sign.


Stores and outlets have to obtain a permit from their local authorities before they can install a sign. Some retail sign vendors handle permit applications on your behalf. However, if you opt for a DIY light box sign kit, you may have to apply for the permit yourself.

Size Limitations

Most DIY light box sign kits come in small to medium sizes. They are not suitable for creating large signs for commercial use. While it will suit the need of most stores, some establishments may require larger, custom-sized signs. DIY light box sign kits are generally sold in standard sizes, and you will rarely find a seller who makes them on custom request.

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