FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Are light bulbs included?

  • In a level 3 or 4 they are free! Level 1 & 2 can include bulbs in some cases but due to their fragile nature we cannot file a shpping claim on the bulbs in any level of sign.

What is a pro-pak?

  • A propak is a hardware kit that you can purchase this will contain the exact hardware you need to assemble and wire your sign so you don’t purchase the wrong things locally, 98% of customers do purchase these.

What is a control box? And why do I need it?

  • A control box is a 3 in 1 weather proof control that should be installed on any electric sign! There has to be something to tell the sign to power on when it gets dark and something to tell it to power off and save energy when the sun comes up! There also has to be a way for someone to be able to turn the power off manually in an emergency or repair. 

What types of payment methods do you accept?

  • Credit/Debit cards, C.O.D, Checks (not the rubber ones), Money Orders, Cash, Cashiers Checks, Bank Transfers

Can you sell me the faces and backs to these kits?

  • Yes, and in some cases depending on your location there may be free shipping, sometimes it makes more sense to buy the faces and backs locally!

Can you do my lettering and design on my sign?

  • You bet! We do a lot of printing and are great at understanding a customer’s needs and special wants in the sign design! If you haven’t please check out our printing we do banners, billboard wraps, backlite panels, and a lot more…We make the process very easy for our customers and with our new proof before print option you will know what you are getting before you order it. We offer many options for our customers’ needs without breaking the bank!

I am a sign shop do you have a special deal for us?

  • Yes we deal with a lot of sign shops, and have a special price just for you! Just call today to get details!

Your sign prices are less compared to other sign shops I have been comparing …Why?

  • Believe it or not we get this all the time and people are skeptical. We have spent years analyzing the sign market and service and still to this day it is incorporated into our daily routine. It’s simple, keep the overhead as low as you can and buy in bulk.

How is the quality?

  • We take quality VERY seriously. Our electrical parts are made overseas (our only current option) but everything else is 100% USA made and help create jobs right here! Our lighted signs are the same or better quality than what you would get locally but at a better price.

How do I get you my art work?

  • All art work must be sent via email in print ready format, proofs can be approved via e-mail or picture text by cell phone. We do not print nor ship without a final approval!

My sign has to be UL listed …Do you offer that?

  • Yes we only offer a UL listing on a level 3 or 4 sign and you will have to call for a quote for a UL listed sign. We do not send anything UL listed those are considered a special order only. Please call! 

When can I expect my sign?

  • There are many variables to this much will depend on payment, what type of sign etc. The majority of the time the sign will ship in 1-3 days and may take up to 5 days to arrive depending on your location, we like to get things out very fast. Level 3/4 or printing and special orders may take longer but I have yet to hear a customer complain or give us a bad rating for this!

What if i have a concern about something?

  • We would love to address any questions or concerns for you. Please Contact Us and we will respond VERY quickly.

What if I can’t find the faces, back, or bulbs for my level 1 or 2?

  • Please contact us and we will help locate them for you as close to you as possible. This has never been an issue. These items are sold nationwide.

Just how hard is it to do it myself?? I don’t want it to just sit there!

  • We don’t want your sign to just sit there either, please refer to our FAQ’s and I will show you just how easy it is. As always, don’t hesitate to Contact Us for help.

I have questions about mounting…Can you help?

  • Absolutely, with every purchase there will be a mounting task. We sell multiple mounting solution for everything we sell without breaking the bank, and yes feel free to Contact Us if you have mounting questions. We have done many installs and will share our knowledge with you so you know the level of what it is going to take to be a success!

It’s Sunday and we are installing the sign and need help?

  • We like to take a day of rest but if you have an urgent need please contact us and we will help ASAP.

I want more than one kit can I get a better deal?

  • Sure, multiple orders of kits can save you money. Contact Us for details.

Can I come and visit your shop?

  • Sure, we always love to get to meet our customers in person!

Can I get just the frame or buy just lengths?

  • Sure, we are easy and have lots of flexability in what we can offer. Just Contact Us and let’s talk.

I have an existing sign but would like you to help me rebuild it?

  • Sure, we can assist you with that. We have custom rebuild kits to save you money.

I found a used sign for a little less money….Is this ok?

  • Everyone should be free to purchase what they want and we love to see you save money, however used signs seem to usually cost more than you expect and it can take a lot of extra wokr. 95% of the time you’re better off to buy new.

I would like my sign frame painted, can you do that?

  • Yes, we can put a very nice durable coating on the frame for you it’s not the coating that is the factor in the price but the set up time and extra care in packing. We are reasonable on our coating prices. Just Contact Us for a quote.