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How to Make Wooden Signs

Making wooden signs has a lot of benefits. It is fun, interesting and it can be profitable. This action also relaxes you, so it has more benefits than most people believe. Nevertheless, the main goal is to improve the look of your house, garage, farm or anything you want to promote. If you want to know how to make wooden signs you should pay attention to the points below. This is the simplest and the best result-delivering technique. It is also the quickest.

1. Sand the piece of wood you are going to use

Wooden signs are made of natural plant material, obviously.  As with any natural materials there are imperfections that must be smoothed out.  Before starting any finishing the wood must be sanded. Use different types of sandpapers for the best results.  Start with the roughest grade such as a 60 grit and move towards a fine sandpaper such as a 200 grit – depending on how “finished” you want your homemade DIY wooden sign to look. Always be sure to sand the edges as well as an unsanded edge will not go unnoticed.  Once you are done sanding, make sure you remove all debris with a piece of cloth. If you don’t remove all of the debris and dust, the next step will be compromised.

2. Paint the wood with a stain or paint

Paint or stain your sign with any color you desire.  Whether you choose paint or stain really depends on the look you are going for.  For example, if you use paint it may be white, red, blue or any you prefer.  Stains tend to show the grain of the wood more than paint, and historically stains have been limited in color, however, a number of colored stains have recently been released by Minwax specifically, and you would be surprised at the number of choices there are nowadays.  Whether you choose stain or paint, double check that the particular stain or paint you have chosen is specifically designed for wood. Paint for metal is different.  When you paint the wood, leave it to get dry for 60 minutes, or more if the paint is specific.

3. Protect the wood with special paint or sealer.

Each type of stain or paint you choosed includes a specific way to protect the wood.  If you choose a wood stain then you will typically need to seal the wood to protect the color, especially if you decide to keep it outdoors.  You can choose a clear or tinted sealer, and you can always choose what kind of “sheen” you want – ranging from a flat or stain sheen all of the way up to a glossy sheen.  If you have painted the sign the most common way to project the piece of wood is to choose a paint that is suitable for the environment where the sign will be installed – if it is an exterior sign make sure that the paint used is exterior grade, or the same applies for an interior sign.  Your wooden sign should always include some sort of protection to ensure that your sign will last for years.  When it is done, make sure it dries in 60 minutes (longer if the temperature is low) and then move to the next step.

4. Print on your computer logo or text you want

This is a simple, but the most important point. Once you have printed the sign, cut out the letters and symbols. Place it on the wood and glue it with duct tape. Use a large brush and the preferred color to paint the paper and therefore paint the wood. Don’t remove the paper right away. Leave it to get dry for 60 minutes. After that, remove the paper (carefully) and check the sign. Note: Cutting letters and symbols on the paper is complicated and requires a lot of precision. You can go to the special stores where they can use machines to cut out the letters and symbols. It is a more accurate way.

5. Protection (again)

No matter where you are going to place the sign you just made, make sure the paint and the letters are protected. Use a clear seal (again in whatever sheen you prefer) to get the best effect and the look that you are going for.

One item to note:

Use a soft brush. Old and hard brushes can damage the paper and therefore damage the sign itself. Then, always use paint that has been properly diluted with a special substance.

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