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Outdoor Lighted Sign Panels

Outdoor lighted sign panels are a type of signage primarily used for wayfinding or directional purposes. Some establishments employ them for displaying logos or branding at their business entrances. These signs make it easy for visitors or customers to navigate the premises more easily as well as find locations quickly.

The frame of the signs is made of aluminum or stainless steel, while the face panels containing the pictographs or fonts may have a plastic, plexiglass, glass, or acrylic construction. Lexan and polycarbonate may also be used for high-quality outdoor lighted sign panels. They come with built-in LEDs for illumination to improve the visibility of the sign at night.

Where are Outdoor Lighted Sign Panels Used?

Outdoor lighted sign panels are used in a variety of scenarios. They may be mounted on walls, hanged from ceilings, or installed at the ground level using poles. Educational campuses and large facilities utilize them for guiding people to appropriate locations. They may depict the names of different departments and facilities. Parking lots also install these signs to make navigation easy for drivers. Transportation centers and stadiums may also use outdoor lighted sign panels to assist travelers in locating different terminals and stations. They can be found at subway entrances so that people can find them easily.

Characteristics of Outdoor Lighted Sign Panels

Here are some of the main characteristics of outdoor lighted sign panels.


Outdoor lighted sign panels have a weatherproof construction as they are installed exteriorly. The frame is designed to prevent rain and snow from penetrating the sign. All the electrical components used inside the sign, such as LEDs or fluorescent tubes, ballasts and LED drivers, and other items, are weatherproof. They generally have an IP67 or an IP68 rating and are safe for outdoor applications.

Eye-catching Design and Colors

Outdoor lighted sign panels should ideally be concise and easy to read. The viewers must be able to comprehend the message or directions at first glance. Therefore, pictographs are the primary recommendations for these signs. However, large and bold fonts that are highly-visible and easy to read may also be employed. Outdoor lighted sign panels use bright and eye-catching colors for improving visibility. Red and green are preferred for entrance and exit signs. Fluorescent colors like bright orange and yellow may also be used, depending on the requirements. At the very least, high-contrast color combinations are recommended for outdoor lighted sign panels.

Single and Double-Sided

Most outdoor lighted sign panels are double-sided. It improves the visibility of the sign, allowing pedestrians to view it from either side. People can find directions or locations faster and the likelihood of them missing the sign reduces. However, single-sided models are also available.

High-Density Printing

Outdoor lighted sign panels feature double density printing. As compared to signs with single density print, the signs appear darker or with more contrast during the day when sunlight shines on them. They light up nicely in the dark as well, which enhances their visibility during the night.


A majority of outdoor lighted sign panels are small to medium in size, with most of them having dimensions towards the smaller side. They convey information to pedestrians at close range and don’t have to be large in size. Most of them use pictographs, while others display concise information. These signs rarely show detailed graphics like those seen on retail light boxes.

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