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Painted Wooden signs: Choose a Color for Each Application

Wooden signs are the oldest type of them all. There are two main versions. Those that are not painted in color, meaning that all the lines of the wood are seen (these signs are protected from the elements) and painted wooden signs. When a sign is painted in a specific color, it becomes completely purpose-made. Obviously, paint for wood is used. But each hue has a meaning and it is recommended for just one application.

White Color

White wooden signs are the oldest. They are still treated as elegant and designed to be implemented in the areas with the same definitions. A far more important is that they can be used as family signs, or as those for coffee houses, restaurants and etc. However, a unique application is the ability to use these signs for health-related business. The White color is relaxing and it increases confidence. It simply gives the impression of the purity!

Green Color

Green painted wooden signs can be divided into two categories. Those in bright and those with darker green colors. Darker signs are reserved for well-known families, and they are very popular in the United Kingdom. There, dark green color is treated as a national color and even used in motor-racing. Bright green color is completely different. It is modern and intuitive, meaning that the signs should be perfectly balanced between the rich heritage and a special purpose. Even today, they are commonly used for technology-related business. But, signs in this color are made also from metal and plastics. The latest models are made from glass.

Red Color

Red painted wooden signs are extraordinary and rare. They are not suitable for families or homes. This means that they are related to passion, so they are used in business and by those who want to add an accent on this matter. On the other hand, they are also linked to love and positive emotions! Most dating business will use them. In addition, the red color is also used in signs made for flower-related business. It actually promotes the business and makes it look much better and passionate.

Blue Color

Now we have wooden signs painted in blue color. In any single case, they are designed to be as simple as possible, but still send a direct message. In the past, they were used by car mechanics, transportation businesses, and equivalent, everyday business providers. Today, they are still used for the same applications, but there is one exception. Blue wooden signs are also popular for lawyers and law firms.

The painted wooden signs also come in different colors, and they cannot be generalized. However, the colors we mentioned here are the most common ones and these signs can be easily found. Their roots come from the first wooden signs ever made. They were made to have an original purpose, usually in the house or a business. A beautiful thing is that the heritage is still the same, and the same color-purpose connection is used.

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