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Sign Light Box Manufacturers

There is a large number of sign light box manufacturers in the USA. They are located in different cities across the country. Their product catalog and services differ from one another. The amount of money charged also varies from one vendor to another. Most of them deliver assembled signage, while a few of them specialize in the DIY segment. Here are some of the best sign light box manufacturers in the USA.

DIY Sign Supply

DIY Sign Supply is an excellent sign light box manufacturer in the USA for buyers who want to create a light box themselves. The company sells DIY light box sign kits as well as individual supplies. You can also print custom graphics on panels by providing them with a high-quality image. If you require a render for permit applications, DIY Sign Supply is one of the few sign light box manufacturers that can assist with it. All their products and supplies are made using top-grade materials and built to last. DIY Sign Supply also provides fully assembled single-sided and double-sided light box signs for indoor and outdoor use. The maximum size of a sign light box offered by them is 10-feet by 10-feet.

DSA Signage

DSA Signage is one of the popular sign light box manufacturers in the USA. They specialize in signs for commercial organizations and retail outlets. DSA Signage product catalog includes LED light boxes, drive-thru signs, digital signage, and menu boards (illuminated and digital). The company designs, builds, and customizes signs for stores, entertainment venues, museums and art galleries, exhibitions, and transportation centers. DSA is among the few sign light box manufacturers with elite clientele. The company provides signs for brands like Starbucks, Universal Studios, Cartier, Ferrari, and Gold’s Gym.

ThinLight Technologies

ThinLight Technologies is a sign light box manufacturer that specializes in LED displays. Their product range covers animated and modular light displays, backlit panels, snap frames, and digital signage. All their products are manufactured in the USA, and the frames are cut and assembled in-house. Their clientele includes large retailers, corporate offices, hotels, restaurants, movie studios and theaters, museums, sports stadiums, airports, and religious places located in the USA, Canada, and Latin America. ThinLight Technologies is one of the few sign light box manufacturers that provide a comprehensive warranty on their products (3-year on LEDs and 5-year on power supplies).

Loumarc Signs

Loumarc Signs is a well-known name among sign light box manufacturers. They provide different types of light box signs for indoor and outdoor installation. The company has also been manufacturing digital graphics and non-illuminated signs for more than twenty-five years. Their catalog includes additional sign services like site surveys, permits, installation, and maintenance apart from design and manufacturing. Loumarc Signs is among the sign light box manufacturers that provide a warranty on their products (3-year) that extends to material and paint in addition to electrical components.


Another name on the list of sign light box manufacturers in the USA is FrontSigns. It is a full-service signage company that specializes in custom signs. Everything from fabrication to printing and installation is handled by it. If required, FrontSigns can get a permit for the sign from local authorities on your behalf. They provide commercial signs for indoor and outdoor installation. FrontSigns uses a wide range of materials for the construction of signs, depending on the customers’ requirements. The company has supplied signs to international companies like LG, Los Angeles Time, America Bank, Burger King, and Disney, to name a few.

Choosing a Sign Light Box Manufacturer

Here are a few things to consider when searching for sign light box manufacturers. They can assist you in choosing the right vendor as per your requirements.

Shipping and Delivery Facility

When choosing a sign light box manufacturer, you may want to inquire about their shipping and delivery policy. Quite a few companies handle the shipping and delivery of signs personally. They employ dedicated vehicles for transporting the signs, although they may charge extra for the same. Most large-scale sign light box manufacturers deliver goods up to a specific distance from their location. Ask the company if they provide free shipping and deliver to your zip code or employ a third-party courier. A few companies may require a minimum order quantity for providing shipping services.

It is wise to obtain information about transit insurance on the signs if they are being delivered through a third-party service provider. While the chances are minuscule, signs may still get damaged during transportation. Insurance can cover the cost of the signs and eliminate unforeseen expenses resulting from damage.


Renowned sign light box manufacturers offer a warranty on their products. The warranty period may vary from one year to five years, depending on the manufacturer. Other factors that may affect the warranty period include the cost of the sign, the quality of materials used, and the number of signs ordered by a customer. Sign light box manufacturers may provide extended warranty to bulk buyers such as retail chains, malls, cinemas and theaters, and transportation centers.

The extent of the warranty also varies from one sign light box manufacturer to another. At the very least, it must cover manufacturing defects, LED lights, power supply (ballast or driver), and other electrical components employed in the light box. A few companies may cover issues like cracking, rusting, warping, or other forms of material or frame deterioration. They may also provide a guarantee against fading or peeling for their paint or graphics. Consider a sign light box manufacturer whose warranty policy is satisfactory.

Permits Issuance

Local authorities require you to obtain permits before you can install sign light boxes. You will have to apply for the same to the respective body in your area. A few sign light box manufacturers can take care of the permits on your behalf. It can save you time and effort, preventing you from extra hassles. These sign light box manufacturers conduct site surveys, prepare a graphic render of the sign for the application, apply for the sign, and obtain permits. If you want the company to handle permits, then consider one that provides these services in your area.

After Sales Support

An important thing to ask sign light box manufacturers is their after-sales support. Consider a manufacturer that not only delivers the sign but also installs it on your behalf. While suppliers of DIY do not provide these services, companies that ship fully finished sign light boxes may offer them. It will save you extra expenses, and you won’t have to worry about finding an installer specializing in signage.

Some sign light box manufacturers also offer maintenance and repair services. They may provide these services for the warranty duration. Their cost may be included in the quote you received for the sign or you may have to pay extra. If you need to replace the graphics of the lightbox frequently, then ask the manufacturer if they will handle the same in the future. Inquire regarding the after-sales support before you place the order. It will save you maintenance expenses and keep your sign light boxes in prime condition, elongating their life.

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