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What Are Country Wooden Signs and Are They Still Used?

Of all sign types, you can find today, country wooden signs are the rarest. The main reason for that is the fact they are old, they are specifically made and they are popular as collector items. Some of them may reach huge prices and they are usually reserved for a high-end clientele. But, what these signs are actually and from where they come from?

The First Country Wooden Signs

Country wooden signs came from the Wild West in the United States and they have been used by taverns and local service owners. Today, they are used due to the same reason, but only in places where the same atmosphere and the same result are needed. Back in those ages, they were very important and were made to last for decades, without any maintenance at all. Some signs of this kind were made to send a specific message to all people and to invite them to a pre-defined place. Another feature they had is the number of letters. They never had rich information to display, and they were as simple as possible. For example, one of the most common types was ‘’whiskey’’ signs, meaning that the local tavern is close by.

The Main Characteristics

The first and therefore the most important characteristic was the material itself. Yes, they were made from wood, as the name suggests, but the actual type of wood was special. People usually used oak or cedar and thickens was massive. Far bigger than sings today have. At those times, this was a necessity. Signs had to last for a longer period of time, without being replaced, damaged or repaired. Some signs of this kind can last for decades, without any damages whatsoever. The situation is the same when it comes to the letters and symbols. They are also extremely durable and they can withstand almost anything.

The dimensions were mentioned above, but we must add that they were chosen correspondingly. In a matter of fact, all signs of this kind were huge. They had to be seen directly from a great distance. Smaller signs are rare, and they are linked to a closer history.

Country Wooden Signs in a Modern Age

Today, country wooden signs are rare, but they can be seen. They are used in Texas, Alabama and several other states in the United States and in Australia. People use them to display their private property or to add the appealing old-looked bars have to offer. Still, words and sayings related to the alcohol are displayed, and even the font is the same. It is very nice being able to see a sign of this kind today. They are not something you can see everyday, and they are masterpieces.

We must add the fact that most signs are made today, so they are not vintage. However, they look old and they are customized to look exactly the same as old versions, which is important for their potential owners.

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